Writing Services


I have something that absolutely will SET YOUR BUSINESS ON FIRE coming later in 2014! You’ll want to stay tuned for this, Sparkies — I promise you won’t be disappointed!


For now, below is a list of services I can offer you or your business. You can access samples of some of them – including blog posts and interviews – from the Samples page.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is HOT, but presents a couple of problems for business owners. First, most business owners are too busy running their businesses to write and submit effective articles. Second, not every business owner is also a writer. Need one solution for both problems? Hire me.

Ad Copy & Other Promotional Materials

Effective sales-related copy markets your business and sells your products. Turn to me for any of your print and online copy needs, including:

  • Product descriptions
  • Press releases
  • Sales letters
  • Brochures
  • Fliers
  • Newsletters

Web Content

Regardless of it’s purpose, every site needs content; Web content, however, generally follows a set of guidelines different from print materials. Allow me to provide your site’s content in the organized, convenient way Web readers not only expect, but also demand.


I’ve been writing and managing blogs on a professional level since 2005, and have helped companies and sites (such as b5media, Inc. and Psych Central) add new blogs to their lineups. Whether you own a blog but are too busy to manage it, need a couple of week’s worth of blog content while you take a vacation, or just need someone to cover a topic you’re not too familiar with, I’m your writer.


Maybe you want to profile a professional in your business area, or you’d just like to know what Average Joe thinks of recent events. My interviewing style goes beyond throwing some questions out there and hoping for a usable answer or two.


Whether it’s video or audio, I can turn it into the written word.

Editing & Proofreading

Web content, books, essays, sales letters – how much can I cram into editing and proofreading? As much as you need me to.

Website & Blog Consulting

If you’re just starting a website or blog, or believe your current website or blog needs a facelift, shoot me an email with the details and I’ll work with you to develop a plan that will set your Web presence on fire.

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