My Top 10 Inspirational, Witty, And Creative Writing Quotes

March 6, 2012

This post’s title is a bit deceiving. I probably shouldn’t have labeled these as my “top” (or even “favorite, had I gone that far) writing quotes, as I’m a bit of a quote whore and love, well, so many. However, I have at least managed to include only writing quotes. (Let me tell you, it […]

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Ask Alicia: Writers And Twitter: What The Hell Should I Tweet?

March 1, 2012

QUESTION: Dear Alicia, After about six months of freelancing (part-time – haven’t made the full-time plunge yet), I finally signed up for a Twitter account. I read your post on Twitter taboos writers must avoid, but my questions is: What should I tweet about? So far, I just pass along interesting links, retweet others, and […]

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5 Resources For Writing A Kick-Ass Guest Blog Post

February 23, 2012

Guest blog posts are beneficial for both the blog owner and the guest blogger. Blog owners can harness the expertise of other bloggers (as well as take a break from writing!), and guest bloggers can spread their knowledge and build website traffic for themselves. Below are five resources you can use (I checked them myself) […]

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Using Pinterest For Your Freelance Writing Business

February 21, 2012

So, are you using Pinterest yet? For your freelance writing business, I mean? I’ll admit I’m not, but that’s only because I didn’t think Pinterest offered any benefits to writers. Frankly, I thought Pinterest was a cutesy form of social media that I would so totally get into and waste a million hours using… …just […]

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Ask Alicia: Characteristics Of Professional Freelance Writers

February 16, 2012

QUESTION: Dear Alicia, I’ve never told any of my “online friends” (or any of my clients), but I work part time at a bar-and-grill restaurant in addition to working as a freelance writer. I manage to keep up my “professional” facade online (I even keep my personal and writing social media sites separate), but I […]

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Free Photo Editing: No More Picnik…Now What?

January 31, 2012

Just in case you haven’t heard, come April 19 Google is getting rid of Although was/is/seemed to be a ridiculously popular free photo editor website, Google has decided to trim some fat, and apparently Google+ already includes a built-in basic photo editor. It’s not all miserable – from now until April 19, users […]

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