Free Tools Mini Course

This is like, THE go-to picture for bloggers giving away free stuff, right?

Back in September 2011, I launched “Free Tools For Freelance Writers: Save BIG While Starting Your Writing Business” – a 7-day mini course that focuses on everything from creating an online presence to finding free organizational tools.

Now, each class is neatly organized for you below.

  1. Free Tools For Freelance Writers: Word Processing: Learn how to create professional documents for your clients – even if you can’t afford the latest Microsoft Word.
  2. Free Tools For Freelance Writers: Creating An Online Presence: From launching a blog to creating a profile with Ezine Articles, there are free ways to carve out your little corner of the ‘Net.
  3. Free Tools For Freelance Writers: Article, Website, And Blog Images: Come on: Pictures make everything more interesting, and there are ways you can get quality images for free.
  4. Free Tools For Freelance Writers: Communication: Don’t have a good long distance plan? Or a cell phone or land line you can dedicate to just your writing business? Try these options.
  5. Free Tools For Freelance Writers: Reference And Research: The volume of free tools available for research a subject matter and referencing said research is absolutely mind blowing.
  6. Free Tools For Freelance Writers: Learning Tools: Perhaps the only thing more mind blowing than the volume of research and reference materials is the number of free writing classes, webinars, and other learning tools available to writers.
  7. Free Tools For Freelance Writers: Miscellaneous: Need a free invoicing tool? How about help choosing your website’s colors? Find it all – and more – here.

Keep in mind, writers, this is a fluid list. If you know of any kick-ass FREE tool for freelance writers you want to share, feel free to let me know in the comments below. Likewise, if you find a tool that’s no longer free, or doesn’t exist anymore, let me know that, too.

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