About Alicia

Alicia Sparks

Alicia Sparks is the founder and visionary not only behind — but also front and center of — The Writing Spark.

A West Virginia-based freelance writer and editor with 10 years under her pen, Alicia specializes in content marketing, blog posts, Web content, sales and promotional materials, and Web and blog consulting.

Initially, Alicia launched The Writing Spark with one idea in mind: Take the client’s “spark” and turn in into a FIRE!

Since then, she’s helped everyone from sole proprietors to high-profile businesses set fire to their content with nothing less than the highest level of quality only The Writing Spark can provide.

Up Close and Personal

Alicia has a passion for animal rights, regularly donating a percentage of business proceeds to her area’s animal shelter, as well as fitness, history, women’s issues, and mental health advocacy.

She loves yoga, tolerates running, attempts cooking, treats DMB concerts as national holidays, and dreams of the day when Timothy Olyphant and Kevin Spacey battle for her love.

Contact Alicia to learn more about how she and The Writing Spark can help you and your business.

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