Creating a Vision Board and Manifesting Your Dreams

by Alicia Sparks on March 24, 2014

Alicia's Vision Board

Do you know how to create a vision board?

(HINT: They’re NOT as easy as you might think!)

I’m in the middle of Sarah Prout’s MANIFEST program. (If you’re not enrolled, I highly recommend at least checking it out. Also, that IS NOT an affiliate link. I’m in no way affiliated with the program other than being a student myself.)

Anyway, back to the vision board.

Last week, I spent some free time thinking about what it is I envision for myself and what I want to manifest, or see happening, in my life. My personal life, my professional life — all aspects of my life. Then, I searched for images and words that represented what I wanted for myself (what I want to manifest), printed or clipped those items, and glued them to a sturdy poster board that now hangs by my desk.

You can see the semi-finished product above — and I say “semi-finished” product because, along the way, you discover more things about yourself and your vision for the future. You realize you have even more goals and achievements you want to manifest. So you clip more pictures or print more photos and, sometimes (such as in my case), you find you still have some blank spaces to fill — spaces that you know you can fill, because there’s so much more bubbling up and ready to flow over.

I realize my picture isn’t all that big but if you’re wondering, I focused on elements such as:

  • My coaching career with The Writing Spark.
  • My health (yoga and running especially) and happiness (I’d love to take some road trips and finally get over my fear of flying).
  • Words and phrases that encourage me.

Some of the most important of those words are:

  • In the top left corner is a copy of “Invictus” (because, among other reasons, I will not bow my head & I am the captain of my own ship).
  • In the top right is a scene from Julius Ceasar that represents knowing that sometimes you have to go with the flow in order to get the best results in the long run
  • In the bottom left is a Bible verse, Matthew 7:7, that I felt was so appropriate for manifesting & getting what we want out of life: “Ask, and it will be given to you; Seek, and you will find; Knock, and it will be opened to you.”

Anyway, enough about me. Now that you have the general idea, are you ready to create a vision board?

What Is a Vision Board

First, what is a vision board?

A vision board is any kind of space that represents what you manifest for yourself, or, more simply put, a space that displays your dreams, goals, and aspirations.

Just as not all people are the same, not all vision boards are the same. Your vision board might be all-encompassing, or it might just focus on a few elements. Your vision board might even focus on just one event, such as your wedding, dream job, or family.

Still, I find it’s easiest to create a vision board if you can answer at least answer this question:

What has to happen for you to achieve your goals?

Which brings us to…

How Do You Create a Vision Board?

Traditionally, people created vision boards exactly how I described. Magazine clippings, (these days) Internet print-outs, words, stickers, photos — anything that represents your vision of what you want for your life, or what you want to manifest.

However, nowadays days you can use everything from photo editing programs like Photoshop to online accounts like Pinterest to create your vision board.

I prefer the traditional method of creating a vision board because I like using my hands to create. I felt more connected to my dreams and goals and all the things I want for myself than I think I would have felt if I’d used a digital or online program.

I followed these steps to create a vision board:

  • Spent some time thinking about my visions for my future. How far into the future did I want to go? What areas of my future did I want to manifest?
  • Searched the Internet and magazines for images and words that encompass my visions. (HINT: I found that unless you have some extremely specific magazines lying around, the Internet is great for those more particular visions and magazines are better for supporting roles.)
  • Purchased a sturdy poster board and a glue stick.
  • Glued everything to the board (and realized I still have some space left — yay!).
  • Hung the board by my desk to keep me focused on my dreams, goals, and ambitions.
  • Should You Create a Vision Board?


    It doesn’t matter how many dreams you have (the more the merrier, in my opinion!), how much time you have, or how old you are, I think everyone should create a vision board!

    After all, we all have dreams and goals, and what better way to put them front and center than to actually put them front and center?

    So how about you, Sparkies? Do you plan to create a vision board? Or, have you already done so? Maybe you have some tips or tricks I left out? Share with us in the comments below!

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