Freelance Writers: Welcoming Resistance in Your Writing Business

by Alicia Sparks on February 10, 2014


Maria Andros, a businesswoman I follow and greatly admire, wrote How to Make Up Your Mind to Be Wealthy…Once and for All.

Now, don’t get all squirmy. It’s just a blog post, not a sales pitch.

Within the post, Maria offers four steps for making up your mind:

  • Reinventing your life.
  • Creating a vision board.
  • Removing Resistance.
  • Celebrate Your Wins and Victories.

Each of these steps is so important (and I highly recommend reading the post), but the one that stuck out the most for me was “removing resistance.”

How many times have you felt resistance in your business? How many times have you come up with a great idea – an AMAZING IDEA – only to feel resistance once it’s time to execute the idea (or maybe even before). Maybe it’s a nudge; maybe it’s an all-out shove. Either way, the resistance is there and it stops you from moving forward with your idea.

It stops you from —

  • Setting up your website and social media accounts.
  • Starting a blog.
  • Contacting clients, or following up with past clients.
  • Building an email list.
  • Writing an ebook.

— and so many other AMAZING IDEAS that could help launch, build, and grow your freelance writing business.

Like I said, each of Maria’s steps is so important, but “removing resistance” stuck out the most because of how she said to approach it:

Just notice and be aware of it. You can even say “Hello fear, you’re safe here, what do you want to bring to my attention?”

What makes the resistance monster get out of control is when you ignore it, make yourself wrong or judge yourself.

Resistance is based on fear, and if you don’t deal with it upfront, that fear and resistance will win.

So, how can we make resistance work for our freelance writing business?

1. Acknowledge the Resistance

Don’t ignore your fear; it’s there for a reason. Fear is healthy. It’s telling you that, “Hey, there’s some risk here. Risk can be dangerous. Let’s protect ourselves.”

2. Explore the Origin

So, pause for a minute and take a look at that fear. Are you feeling resistance or fear because:

  • You’re not sure HOW or WHERE to start as a freelancer? Start doing some research! No one’s pressuring you to be an overnight success. Overnight successes aren’t even overnight successes.
  • You’re too embarrassed to try something new? Look at how many new things you’ve tried in your life. Crawling. Sports. Relationships. Sometimes they work out; sometimes they don’t. Almost always, though, you learn from them and move forward.
  • You’re afraid you’ll fail? Get over it. We ALL fail.

3. Let It Go

Now that you know WHY you feel resistance – WHERE your fear is coming from – let it go. Understand that it’s natural, it’s not going to kill you, and let it go.

This week (or whenever you read this post), spend a few days identifying the resistance you feel toward your freelance writing. Acknowledge it, explore it, and let it go.

Then let me know how that goes 🙂

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