Introducing Ask Alicia: Writing Advice Column

by Alicia Sparks on October 3, 2011

This is me, pondering. Get it?

When I first started freelance writing and editing, I had thousands of questions.

(Hell, I still do. Lifelong learner right here.)

Fortunately, after some digging around and learning things the hard way (which, life undoubtedly still has a lot more of in store for me), I found fellow freelance writers who’ve become mentors and friends; people I’ve helped and people who’ve helped me along the freelance writing career path.

Now, I aim to do the same for you.

Do you have a question about:

  • How to choose your freelance writing rates?
  • Where to look for quality freelance writing jobs?
  • Whether you should provide free writing samples to prospective clients?
  • How do deal with a client who won’t pay you?
  • What to do if a potential client won’t sign a writing contract?

This is why I’ve launched “Ask Alicia” (snazzy name, I know), a new question-and-answer column that will provide advice for writers dealing with everything from getting writing samples and crafting a freelance writer resume to setting freelance writing rates and knowing when to stick to those rates and when to get a little flexible.

We can even talk about the importance of taking a break, if you want, or ideas for inspiration.

First one with your hand up? Shoot me an e-mail at alicia [at] writingspark [dot] com (or click here) with “Ask Alicia” in the subject line.

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