5 Free Tools To Create And Manage To-Do Lists

by Alicia Sparks on September 8, 2011

"Everybody knows paper is the best," she said smugly.

Now that you know how to make a to-do list, let’s talk about tools.

Personally, I’m a pen-and-paper kind of gal. I like tangible stuff. I like the work of writing my to-do list and the satisfaction of physically marking off each item.

(I know this isn’t as environmentally friendly as it could be, but I balance my carbon footprint with a million other things, okay?)

If you prefer web-based task management or downloadable to-do list software, you might check out:

  • Todoist: Free, to-do list download for Web browsers like Firefox and Chrome, mobile applications, Outlook, and even MAC users. Employees from Fortune 500 companies like HP, IBM, and Gillette use this little number – more oooooh.
  • Remember the Milk: Best name ever. Free web-based task management that you can also access offline. Works with Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, Blackberry, Outlook, Android, iPhones, and iPads. PC World says it “reinvents the to-do list” (okay, I’m just tired of the ooooohs now).
  • Toodledo: Free Web-based task manager accessible that is Blackberry-, Android, and iProduct-friendly. Includes a ridiculous amount of features that might scare off simple to-doers but have hardcore list-makers and project organizers salivating.
  • ubernote: ubernote’s tagline is “never forgets!”, which makes me nervous, but it’s compatible with Twitter, various browsers, various e-mail platforms, iPhone, Blackberry, and even AOL Instant Messenger (yes, I did just type that).
  • Todo.txt: Looks like users will need a PhD in computer programming to operate this thing, but what do I know? I’m not too techie, and some of you may have studied computers at Harvard.
  • Wunderlist: Wunderlist is a “free and easy-to-use task manager” that works on PCs or MACs, iPhones, iPads, and Androids. You can organize everything from shopping lists to to-do lists, and you can even share your lists with others (say, in a work situation or…”honey do” situation 🙂 ).

How do you prefer to create your daily or weekly to-do list? Do you like putting pen to paper, like I do, or are you all about the technology? Do you use a program other than those listed above?

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Lisa Corbin September 11, 2011 at 9:20 am

I agree the-you! I am definitely a pen and paper kind of gal. In fact, from time to time, I’m a pen and the-fatty-part-of-my-left-palm kind of gal. I must admit, many times, (many, MANY times) I have written on the inside of my hand so that I could remember to write what I had written on the inside of my left hand onto my trusty yellow legal pad. This is difficult to do while driving, but I am now a pro. And after all, that’s why it’s my LEFT hand – I am right handed. I promise, Alicia, I will give you my license tag number so you can avoid me!!!

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