WritingSpark.com Relaunch!

by Alicia Sparks on January 1, 2010

WritingSpark.com is not a new site; it’s actually been around for quite a while. So, it’s more of an old site with a new look…

…and absolutely no archived posts to date.

What can I say? I was a bit overzealous when I wiped the slate clean.

I was also a bit overzealous when I started WritingSpark.com.

For some reason, after having been a freelance writer and editor for a handful of months, I thought I was in a position to offer advice to other freelance writers and editors. Most of the people I befriended during WritingSpark.com’s maiden voyage were other freelance writers and editors – much more seasoned freelance writers and editors, mind you, who managed websites and blogs that screamed talent, knowledge, and experience.

Sure, I had talent when I started this site. I like to think I still do. And yes, I had some knowledge, too.

But experience? Actually working as a writer, and not just writing because it was my passion?

Next to none.

After a few more months, I decided to put blogging at WritingSpark.com on hold while I gained some more experience. So, as I worked writing and editing just about everything under the sun, this site became a static writing and editing portfolio. For a while, I was okay with that. There was actually a point at which I thought I’d just let this site act as my online portfolio for…well, ever.

After all, I was busy with writing and editing. The busier I stayed, the more experienced I became. The more experienced I became, the more jobs I landed. The more jobs I landed, the more money I made, and at this point, did I really have time to blog about “The Top 7 Ways to Screw Yourself Out of a Writing Gig” – regardless of whether I’d learned them all?

Yes, actually, I did. More than time, I had the desire again, and – this time around – the experience, too.

So, here I am, blogging at WritingSpark.com again.

Of course, “time, desire, and experience” isn’t exactly the most effective way to explain to someone why I gave the site a complete overhaul and what I expect to do with it.

These days, it’s crucial for every writer to have some sort of web presence. Not only should this be a place where he or she can direct potential clients, showcase experience and samples, and connect with other writers, but it should also be a place where the definition of his or her true niche in the business shines through.

Writing is my niche. Within that niche, of course, are little sub-niches. Press releases, newsletters, blogs, marketing articles, sales materials, web copy and content – each of these is within my niche.

However, what really defines my niche is a huge part of what WritingSpark.com is all about: My desire and ability to take my own ideas, the ideas of clients, and the ideas of fellow writers and set them ablaze.

So, that’s what I do.

Turn sparks into fires.

Welcome aboard 🙂

Alicia Sparks

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